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Nov 1, 2018

Nana Ayebia was one of the invited guests at a Reception to mark Their Royal Highnesses official visit to Ghana, The Gambia and Nigeria at St James’s Palace State Apartments on Wednesday 24th October 2018. The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall greeted and mingled with the invited guests from 12.00pm – 14.00pm. The Reception was an excellent event and provided a great opportunity for networking.

Jun 13, 2018

Thursday 24th May 2018 Nana Ayebia Clarke MBE was awarded the 2018 Flora Nwapa Publishing Award at the 44th Annual African Literature Association (ALA) Conference in Washington DC

Jun 12, 2018

Ayebia at the 44th ALA Conference in Washington DC 23–26 May 2018
Title: Pioneering African Women Publishers: Publishing as Cultural Activism
By Nana Ayebia Clarke MBE on Friday 25th May 2018

Apr 22, 2017

Keynote Speech delivered on Wednesday 29th March 2017 at the University of West England

Sep 15, 2016

The Colonial Legacy - Variants and Long-term
Consequences of European Expansion

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Aug 23, 2019

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